Dear customers,

We inform you that from Tuesday 9/3, our store will be open only for Click Away purchases! You can easily make your purchases in our online store or by phone at 241 111 6305 and pick up your orders yourself from our physical store.

Do you know what Click Away is?

You enter and choose the product you want. You place your order either electronically or by phone and you receive it, directly and safely from our store. Payment can be made either through our online store or using POS upon receipt. It is so simple!

Do you know what to do?

Follow the four steps below to get the products you want easily and quickly .


1. Order

Follow the four steps below to get the products you want easily and quickly .


2. Payment

Complete your order by paying electronically at or in our store upon receipt using POS.

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3. Message

Once we prepare your order we will send you an SMS for the time and date of receipt from our store.

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4. Receipt

You receive your order from our store, claiming the payment receipt of the order or the sms we sent you.

What else do you need to know?

To stay safe we must also pay attention to the following



One hour before and one hour after the indicated time of receipt is the time margin for moving to the store.



We keep distances of at least 2 meters between us and the queue outside the store should not exceed 9 people.



To move to the store you send an SMS to 13033 with option 2 either using a movement certificate or with a handwritten movement certificate.


Number of people

Only one person has the right to pick up the order. The presence of an attendant and the entrance to the store is not allowed.