METACHA souvenir bracelet

An explorer and a man with a special aesthetic, he decides to establish his own company in the field of the colonial era. In his many travels, Spyros Metaxas discovers different drinks and wines from all over the world. In 1888 he created METACHA, the Authentic Greek Drink.

Spyros Metaxas is building his first distillery in the port of Piraeus. Its unique amber drink will soon be exported to the Mediterranean countries. According to a nice story, when Spyros Metaxas was building the distillery in Piraeus, he discovered a medal in the form of Salaminachos engraved on it. The naval battle of Salamis took place in 480 BC, near the waters of Piraeus. The Warrior of Salamis became a symbol of courage and daring, the ideal emblem for the project of Spyros Metaxas.

This emblem was chosen by the METAXA Company to create a limited edition souvenir for its associates. The design and production supervision was undertaken by the company 2 WIN COMMUNICATIONS and in collaboration with our company a unisex bracelet was created with the emblem of Salaminachos engraved in 925 silver while the tying was done with a blue cord which is the characteristic color of the Company .

Materials: 925 silver, double-stranded cotton cord

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