Decorative Monogram “M”

The "M" family organizes a meeting once a year and thus find the opportunity to meet everyone together and tell their news. At one point a family member instructed us to…

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Le Coq Rooster Keychain

We were asked to create a personal gift for the people of Le coq cafe located in the center of Larissa. So, we made a metal rooster for a keychain as a souvenir,…

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Badges Walk The Line

Handmade badges, metallic, in gold and silver for the Walk The Line barber shop . So we tried to give something different to this design as we wanted to satisfy the style of…

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Kiu Badges

We undertook to make a special handmade badge for the aprons of Kiou coffee-bar . Kiou coffee-bar is located in the center of Larissa (16 Defkalionos) and accompanies us during these years that…

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Decorative Roosters Le Coq

We were invited to implement an original idea! This was the construction of the logo of le coq café bar (Defkalionos 1, Larissa) as a decoration. The original idea was to decorate the counter…

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Double Bicycle Bonbonniere

This bonbonniere was created in order to symbolize the common path, the camaraderie and the love that the couple wanted to follow them for the rest of their lives. The result…

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Heart Christening Favor

This bonbonniere refers us to another style more romantic more innocent and that was the result we wanted to achieve. We focused strictly on lace and satin ribbons in pink and…

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Keychain Monograms

What could be more original than giving your friends a symbolic and unique gift on the most important day of your life? This is exactly what George wanted to do, who…

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Rock Star Bracelet

Vassilis turned six this year. As a big kid, he had his own birthday party and had his own guests. To honor them for their presence he wanted to make them a…

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Balloon christening favor

This bonbonniere was a personal affair! Her name Savvina and the balloon will be a symbol that will follow her throughout her life, as for us it means freedom and childlike…

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